Wanted : Part Time Kitchen Staff

We're looking for a part time chef (15-20 hours per week). You'll need experience working as a chef or have relevant experience and would like to work in the Duck's busy kitchen, send us your CV to flyingduckkitchen [at] gmail.com. You don't need to be vegan, but you do need to respect our chi.more

BEAUTY STOP 24th-29th July

We'll be closed from Sun 24th-28th July for a bit of tender love with the sledgehammer. Re-opening with a super sexy new bar space on Fri 29th July at 5pm.more

Jackfruit Slim’s Warm Up ‘The 45 Strip Mix’

On the 23rd July, we're throwing 'Jack Fruit Slims' a Quentin Tarantino themed party complete with a free screening of Pulp Fiction, specially tailored one-off menu, A twist competition accompanied by live performance from garage rock n rollers more


WE ARE NINE! On the 15th of July we're celebrating nine years of existence as everybody's favourite vegan basement. To do so, we've enlisted the help of members from 14 (more if you count crossovers) of our favourite Glasgow bands to come together for a Supergroups event in aid of the…more

A Guide To: The Rainbow Dome

A Guide To: The Rainbow Dome This Month sees more